Marilee Stark

Marilee is a writer, parent, teacher and psychotherapist specializing in families, teens and young adults. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area where she currently writes a parent advice column for the Berkeley Times newspaper.  Her essays have appeared in a Cup of Comfort for Dog Lovers II and a Cup of Comfort for Single Mothers. She’s a member of the Writing Mamas Salon where she has read at the Mama Monologues and the San Francisco Litquake.

Marilee's Blog:
Write On Parenting
Stories From the Front Lines

Marilee reads her essay, "Sleeping Around," at the Mama Monologues

Marilee reads her essay, "Reflections: Berkeley-Oakland Firestorm," on KQED Perspectives
You can read, as well as listen to this, on the KQED web site.

Advice for Parents
by Marilee Stark
Columns reprinted from the Berkeley Times

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